It’s all about the Cummins and goings

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It’s all about the Cummins and goings

Test cricket returns to Australia this summer, beginning with an all Antipodean affair.

Few rivalries have a dynamic quite like that of the Trans-Tasman nations; New Zealand when victorious, feels a sense of accomplishment unmatched by successes over any other combatant while Australia is largely unfettered, maybe mildly annoyed. Instead, Australia is like Angelina Jolie or Madonna sweeping through and adopting all of New Zealand’s artistic talent and claiming it as their own.  In the case of Crowded House, the description “talent” is clearly justified… Others are nothing to Crowe about.

This test series is more interesting however as, while it plays out, the Australian team will be potentially be going through a transformation in preparation for its future.  Right now, it’s like a pre-ops tran(s-Tasman)y team about to undergo a fundamental change.

Ricky Ponting, long a stalwart in Australia’s top order, will have one last chance to justify his selection. Pat Cummins, half ponting’s age will be seeking to consolidate his position and affirm all the hype surrounding him. It’s the intrigue in how the machinations behind the scenes manifest themselves on field that will keep fans interested in this series.

As for a prediction, being a two test series, it’s hard to see the side that manages to win the first test getting toppled.  Furthermore, logic has it that if you manage to win the first day of the first test, you’re in fairly good stead. Intuitively, the team that manages to assert itself in the first session should have a good tilt at taking the first day. To take control in the first session, a side must naturally be holding the honors after the first over. And, to claim the first over a team will naturally need to outplay their opponent on the first ball.  Given Australia’s first ball successes in the past, they should have what it takes in this series: 1-0.

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