This Week in Cricket: 13/07/13

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This Week in Cricket: 13/07/13

This Week in Cricket:

This Week in Cricket: holy Don Bradman, it’s the Ashes!

Hello, I’m Emma. I’m the Sledge intern. This week in This Week in Cricket, we’re talking about The Ashes, the biggest prize in cricket! Which is also the smallest prize in cricket. In terms of the egos of either country, it’s huge. But, physically, it’s small…



The Ashes is like cricket’s football grand final. It started long ago in black and white. This was in a time when everyone had beards and wore flannel. England and Australia were friends who were hanging out. They had a really nice mutual friend named Mr. Cricket. He was the best and they loved him. Unfortunately, whilst they were playing a happy game of baseball, Mr. Cricket died! Both teams were really upset and decided that the best idea was to burn Mr Cricket and put him in a box and play baseball for his ashes once every few years. Except they now call it Cricket in memory of Mr Cricket. The end.

This has been This Week in Cricket. Am I getting paid for this?


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