This Week in Cricket: 17/06/13

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This Week in Cricket: 17/06/13

This Week in Cricket:

Warner Makes Contact

Australian top-order button-masher David Warner has shocked the cricketing world. Against all odds, he’s managed to pick a fight with the only international cricketer who’s shorter than he is. Warner hit English batsman Joe Root in the face, after becoming incensed at Root’s use of a green and gold wig to impersonate the beard of South Africa’s Hashim Amla. Warner was heard yelling “at least commit to the bit and put on some black face!” before swinging at Root. At his press conference, Warner was quoted as saying “there is nothing that offends me more than a joke being poorly told.” Sources close to the Australian camp said that Phillip Hughes also entered the brawl. However, he swung and missed. Shane Watson also took a swing at Root, and will miss the rest of the tournament with muscle soreness.

Ramdin Caught Out

West Indian keeper Dinesh Ramdin has sited poor health for withdrawing from the remainder of the Champion’s Trophy, claiming to have caught the Scarlet Plague. Given that the Scarlet Plague is, in fact, a ficticous disease, this strikes us as being highly unlikely, but Ramdin claims he “caught it fair and square,” and will take no further part in the Trophy. The controversial keeper claims to have already caught a flight home, but footage has proved inconclusive.

Misbah Not Out

Finally, Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq had a minor accident, being temporarily trapped in the hotel lift on his way to Pakistan’s game against India. As Misbah was caught in-between floors, a throng of international players, including Chris Morris, Robin Peterson, Kemar Roach, Ravi Rampaul and Dwayne Bravo tried to help, but none of them could get him out.

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