The Sledge Awards: 2013/2014 Finale

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The Sledge Awards: 2013/2014 Finale

Who: Ryan Thomas, Jonathan Howcroft, Hammy Goodman, Murray Middleton.

What: We wrap up season two of The Sledge with “THE SLEDGE AWARDS”!

Host Ryan Thomas is joined by Jonathan Howcroft (BackPageLead), Hammy Goodman (Spin From Both Ends), and sports writer Murray Middleton to take aim at England, the ICC, and Chris Gayle’s twitter feed.

Join us as the panel bequeaths awards such as “The Warner-Conn Award for Worst Off-Field Performance”, “The Greg Mail Award for Always Delivering”, the “Putting-All-Your-Eggs-In-One-Basket-Only-To-Discover-That-The-Basket-Is-Broken-And-All-Your-Eggs-Are-Smashed Award” – and much more!

Also: Sledgemail! Topless Warnie! And the Ashes of the Year!

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