About The Sledge

About The Sledge

Life is filled with unlikely developments. Such as a golf club that’s also a weed whacker, a pizza cutter shaped like the ship out of Star Trek, and an automatic toilet flusher for cats. Now we’re adding to that list of strange ideas: a panel show about Cricket, coming at you live via YouTube.

The Sledge is as ‘community’ as can be: filmed by uni students who should be studying; presented by people who spend their day jobs thinking about playing cricket for Australia. We scoff at people who ask us about our ‘budget’. We roll our eyes when our girlfriends ask, “what’s to like about cricket?” We try not to crack under pressure when we’re due to record in ten minutes, and “Nicko’s forgotten the lights!”, and “I can’t find my camera batteries!” – and “who’s got the keys to the club rooms?!”

The Sledge is focused on all levels of cricket: from international matches, to state-level skirmishes, right down to the local game. Our panel will be discussing all the big issues as they arise, and debating long-standing points of contention: “if the ball gets hit into the neighbors yard, but bounces off their house and back into our yard – is it still six and out?!”

We want The Sledge to become compulsive weekly viewing over the summer. To do that, we need your feedback. We’re the world’s first (we think!) cricket panel show, and we want to be the best; we need to know what people want from a cricket-focused programme. Help us entertain and inform you.

And we’ll see you at the cricket.

This is what professionalism looks like.

Around the grounds

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