FACT: Kevin Pietersen once described him as the funniest man on twitter (this is true).
FACT: Kevin Pietersen no longer follows him on twitter (this is also true).





Danny Gannon is the inked-and-printed, card-carrying Number One Ticket Holder and President of the Philip Hughes Enthusiasts Association. Danny is more Jack Blackham than Rod Marsh, but more Adam Gilchrist than Bert Oldfield. He’ll kill you if you ever compare him to Ian Healy.





Hammy Goodman


The only thing that fizzes harder than Hammy’s stock ball is the man himself. He’s like Warnie in a lot of ways: plenty of charisma. Big, ripping leg breaks. Banging Liz Hurley. Not, you know, banging Liz Hurley – but he rear-ended her in a shopping centre carpark once, and if that’s not Warnie then what is? You can follow his trip around Australia at Spin From Both Ends.





Andy Groves knows cricket. He’s ingrained in the local game, like the holes in your lucky whites. He’s got his ear so close to the ground it’s practically bitumen, which are handy attributes to have as the editor of Cricket Plus Magazine.





Once got told by a girl that he ‘looks like that guy from Neighbours’. He assumed she meant Harold Bishop, and started crying. Is to cricket what Yoko Ono was to that famous guy she dated.






Jonathan Howcroft grew up harboring ambitions to make the world a better place. He does so by being good looking, charming, well spoken and incredibly knowledgeable about every sport you can think of. He regularly works wonders in one-hundred and forty characters or less on Twitter, and is the Editor of – when he’s not rescuing kittens from burning buildings or crosshatching baskets for charity.






Dilruk Jayasinha insists he’s the best Sri Lankan spinner since Murali, but won’t show us his flipper because “he doesn’t respond to peer pressure.” Dilruk Jayasinha helped mastermind the Sunday Showdown, and is very bloody good at this.






Suren’s the guy who keeps us on our toes. Sharp as a tack, he’s a white-collar accountant during the day, working on numbers that can be best described as ‘Tendulkaresque’. He manages to squeeze in appearances on The Sledge – when he’s not performing at the Melbourne Fringe Festival or doing gigs at Dog’s Comedy.





One of Australia’s blogging gurus – blogging about all things North Melbourne FC at The Shinblogger (although why you’d want to is beyond us) – and former cricket editor of, Ricky’s an all rounder who bats anywhere, bowls anything and never drops a catch – and who’s currently soaking up semi-retirement.







A contributing editor at World Cricket Watch, Blaise takes Richie Benaud’s cricketing knowledge and combines it with the Calypso coolness of Chris Gayle; when we’re not sure about something, we ask Blaise. When he’s not thinking or writing about cricket he’s probably talking about it – he’s a regular on World Cricket Watch’s “One Hand One Bounce” podcast, and has a voice not unlike the smoothest, richest honey.






Our Mr. Siddall, the opening batsman England never wanted, sounds like all cricket commentators should: Assured. Smart. Flaunting a slightly pommy accent to rub in how upper-class he is. Between him and Blaise, we’ve got an incredible mix of dulcet tones and cricketing knowledge. It’s tempting to just film them all the time, but when I tried it, it was labelled a ‘gross breach of personal privacy’. He’s the Editor of World Cricket Watch, and once had Gideon Haigh sitting on his bed, taking part in the “One Hand One Bounce” podcast – something that the average cricket nerd can only dream of.





Veteran of community TV, including The Mutant Way, Beyond The Brief and Socially Inadequate, Ryan Thomas is the man who runs the room. A wicketkeeper with spin-bowling ambitions, and a batsman who’ll cure your insomnia, he brings to the table his unique blend of ‘blind devotion to Ian Healy’ and ‘the ambition to one day be Adam Gilchrist’.



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