What I’ve Learned This Summer

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What I’ve Learned This Summer

The 2011/2012 summer of cricket is quickly drawing to a close, and in years to come, we’ll look back with sepia-tinged goggles and reminisce fondly about Pup’s three-hundred, KP’s return to form, and Doug Bracewell’s spell at Hobart. At The Sledge, we get nostalgic about things very quickly; in true retrospective fashion, we’ve got twelve talented writers from around the world to tell us What They’ve Learned This Summer.

The list is as follows:

Ant SimsAvi SinghBlaise MurphetDave SiddallThe Irresistible Mr. SmithMatthew WoodMichael WagenerNick HancockRicky MangidisRyan ThomasSubash JayaramanSuren Jayemanne

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